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High cuisine of the restaurant chain "Nasha Karta" is known not only in Kiev, but far beyond the borders of Ukraine. The status of the best restaurants in the capital – is the result of daily striving to be perfect in every detail. Naturally, we pay maximum attention to cooking of gourmet meals, as the basis for a successful restaurant – is it's culinary masterpieces. But there are times when you can not afford to visit a restaurant, for various reasons - whether it is lack of time or desire to spend an evening at home with relatives. In this case, "Delivery of Nasha karta" comes to the rescue. Even while being outside a loved one restaurant, you can order a delicious delivery in Kiev.

At your disposal - a full menu of all restaurants "Nasha karta". Choose the necessary section, find your favorite dish or drink and place an order. Our service will realize your gastronomic wishes almost immediately.

Why do Kiev gourmets choose us? Recently, food delivery has become more and more popular in the world. Kiev in this regard is in step with the times. However, this market initially was used by fast food establishments, food of which is hardly the choice of restaurateurs. We offer only the same dish, you are accustomed to when visiting our restaurants. The only thing we can not provide to the full - is a restaurant serving. You’ll have to take care of it by yourself.

Eat a delicious and healty food, even without visiting the restaurants chain "Nasha karta" - office of D.N.K. is at your service!

Please send us your suggestions and comments about the work of service to dostavka@nasha-karta.ua

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Nikolay Tishchenko

Dear friend! I am pleased to welcome you on our website. Having opened the page of the “Nasha Karta” restaurants chain you’ll find yourself in the world of real culinary art which includes modern culinary trends and the latest discoveries. I invite you to visit our restaurants in which any of your taste desires can easily be materialized into reality by our Chefs. Our united creative family tried to reflect on this website all sides of our activities aimed at satisfying your culinary preferences. I am grateful to you for your right choice!

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